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An Intro to Becoming a Podcast Virtual Assistant

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As an avid listener of podcasts, I’ve always wondered how content creators were able to produce several high quality, professionally edited episodes each month.

I’ve since learned that behind the scenes of every great podcast is a skilled team to make sure everything runs smoothly. From the audio engineering to guest outreach, there’s a lot that needs to get done when trying to create a successful podcast.

And what’s super exciting is that if you have an interest in learning the skills to become a podcast assistant, you could potentially earn a living working with just 2-4 clients per month in this niche.

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With more than 700,000 podcasts online right now, the potential market of people looking for help in this industry is massive!

That said, this is a new niche I’ve recently learned about and want to share everything I currently know about it with you.

So if you’ve been looking to offer something new in your virtual assistant business, or you’re just looking for a fun side gig, keep on reading! 

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What is a podcast virtual assistant?

A podcast virtual assistant is the guy or gal behind the operations of a podcast. The person who handles the pre and post production tasks of a podcast, while working remotely.

What services can you offer?

A podcast virtual assistant can wear many different hats depending on what they decide to offer in their service menu.

Essentially, you could be responsible for the prep work of the podcast by doing things like tech setup or guest outreach. Or you could work on post production tasks like editing an episode’s audio file or creating detailed show notes.

Here are other popular services a podcast virtual assistant can get paid to help clients with:

  • Episode distribution
  • Podcast project management
  • Content repurposing
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Consulting

How much can you charge?

Depending on what services you decide to offer, you can earn anywhere from $30 to $100 per hour.

For simple tasks that are easier to track, you may find yourself charging anywhere from $30 to $50 per hour. While for more complex tasks, it may make more sense to package them and charge a larger one time fee.

It’s all up to how you want to structure your business. Pricing podcast services is something that is discussed in more detail in the Podcast Production School course. 

Where can you learn these skills?

Gina, Hailey and Melanie from Podcast Production School have teamed up to create a step by step training on how to become a successful podcast V.A. 

Their mission with this course is to help students go from no podcast experience to a full fledged podcast virtual assistant!

They’ll take you by the hand with in-depth tutorials and templates so that you can have the highest chance of success with your new business.

The content generally takes about a month for students to complete. However, the course is self paced and available 24/7 so you can go through the content at whatever pace works for you.

When purchasing the course, you’ll also have the option of joining a private community specifically for podcast assistants. If you decide to join, you’ll get access to tech help, client leads, and personalized help when you need it for the fair price of $49 per month.

The additional support and help with client acquisition are incredibly helpful for anyone new to this field. So if you do decide to invest in the course, I think it’s definitely worth considering joining the private community as well.

Final Thoughts

The number of podcasts online is growing by the day, and consequently, so is the number of people looking for help with their podcasts. 

Offering podcast virtual assistant services is an awesome way to begin working from home.

Whether you want to: 

  • Spend more time at home with the kids
  • Save up for an exciting family vacation
  • Leave your day job
  • Or just have extra spending money

With an hourly rate between $30 to $100, this is an excellent skill to develop in order to reach your financial goals.

If you’d like to see if becoming a podcast virtual assistant is right for you, definitely check out the Podcast Production School website to sign up for their free workbooks. They’ll walk you through what services you could offer and what kind of tasks each service entails.

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