How To Find And Join Pinterest Group Boards

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Looking for group boards to promote your latest blog post in? Awesome! Joining Pinterest boards is an incredible way to bring more exposure to your blog and get your content in front of more eyes. Today, we’ll be going over 5 methods you can use to find new boards, some tips to consider before applying to them, and how to join them.

From Pingroupie to Facebook, there are tons of places you can find new boards. And by the end of this post, you should have a list of some great group boards you can join and share your work in.

Let’s dive in!


Pingroupie is an awesome resource for finding new group boards to join. It has loads of options to browse through and can be a great place to start your search.

When you’re looking for a board to join, just type a keyword related to your niche in the title or description area, and click order by repins.

That way you’ll see which boards have had more active pinners. You can also click on the board link and see for yourself if the board is still active. One way you can do this is by clicking on a few recent pins, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the button with three dots to see where the pin was pinned to. The more recent the repin, the better!

Here’s a quick view of how this would look on Pinterest:

Screenshot showing several group boards on Pinterest

look at the INFLUENCERS in your niche

Another great way to find new group boards is to look up top influencers in your niche and see what boards they’ve joined.

Most of the time, influencers are a part of many older boards or sometimes even have their own that they’ve created to share things with their tribe. So they tend to be in more active groups.

From Pinterest, you would just type in a keyword from your niche, then click the People tab and check out the first 4-10 accounts that come up first.

Or if you follow other bloggers in your niche, see if they have a Pinterest account and what groups they’re in.

Here’s a quick view of how that would look on Pinterest:

In this example, I used the keyword Fashion and then clicked on the People tab.

Screenshot showing how to find influencers on Pinterest using the People tab from the search bar


This Facebook group is the best I’ve come across so far and has some really awesome perks to it. First, it has over 7,000 members and is very active. Also, in the files section of the Facebook group, there’s a document filled with group boards you can join – from parenting to blogging as a business, there are tons of options for you no matter what your niche is.

You can ask the members for board suggestions and use the search function to see if anyone’s recently mentioned a new board they’ve created that falls under what you blog about.

You’ll usually have to follow the group board first and then leave your Pinterest email or URL in the comments to be added. But it’s a really simple process overall and a great way to find some new boards!


This is actually a pretty new thing to me, but you may already have invitations waiting for you in your Pinterest inbox. I was just checking my inbox the other day and noticed I had 2 invitations to group boards I hadn’t applied to. Plus they both happened to work with what I blog about – so that was a really nice surprise.

If you’re not mutually following someone who’s messaging you or asking you to join their group board, it will show up in your inbox as a contact request. So it can be easy to miss these and end up with a few group board invites sitting in your inbox.

One thing you can do on Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss these invites is to adjust your settings.

To do this, just hover over your profile image on the top right of your screen, and click on settings. From there, scroll over to notifications and make sure you have ‘Invites to join group boards’ set to Yes.

look for BLOG POSTS dedicated to group boards

Love this one! There are so many helpful bloggers out there that have put in a lot of time and effort to share group boards they recommend. Usually narrowed down by a specific topic or a general niche.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts that mention group boards you could join:


When applying to join a group board, the instructions will typically be laid out within the board description. Two common methods are emailing the owner or leaving a comment on a recent pin.

When you reach out by email, be sure to include which board you want to join, your Pinterest email/URL and any other information that’s requested.

And don’t forget to use a relevant subject line if you have to send an email. I’ve seen certain boards require that you use specific subject lines, but I’ve personally used and seen good results using: PINTEREST GROUP BOARD REQUEST.

If you don’t hear a response back within a week or two, try sending a follow-up email to see if they just missed it or haven’t had the time to add you to the board yet.

Last thing, be sure to follow the group rules! Some boards only allow vertical pins or have a daily limit they ask you to follow.

Group boards can definitely be hit or miss, but the more you join the better idea you’ll have when prospecting new ones to join.

Overall, finding boards doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. And make sure to focus on the quality of the board (repins, followers, etc.) before putting a lot of time and effort into applying.

Have any questions about joining boards? Or do you have a different method of finding new boards? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 🙂

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  1. I liked your blog about this but I have question about the purpose of joining groups in hopes of finding clients. My niche is people who make certain products. I just want to provide the service of a Virtual Assistant and Pinterest Virtual Assistant. So, with the rules most all of the groups have means that I couldn’t post a pin about my services only about products relevant to the board so I don’t see the point in joining groups. What am I missing here?

    1. So let’s say for example you’re a VA who offers social media services to lifestyle bloggers, you can search for group boards that lifestyle bloggers are apart of and share a pin with a question + answer to a problem they might have. Maybe something like, “New to Pinterest? Do this to grow your Pinterest following by 500% in just 1 month” and then link that image to your services page. In terms of the group board rules, you could create a blog post on a service you offer and then reference your hire me page multiple times in that post. The cool thing about group boards is that once your pin is in there, it can be shared by others in the group hundreds or even thousands of times, helping your brand gain more exposure. So it’s essentially free marketing. 🙂

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