9 Feminine Home Office Ideas for Women

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Ever spend too much time on Pinterest scrolling through home office ideas? Me too! There’s just so many beautiful decor ideas out there, sometimes it can be hard to step away.

Back in my early teens, I was a massive HGTV fan. I used to set my alarm clock for whenever a new episode of Divine Design would come out and would play any game I could get my hands on with home customization options.

Needless to say, I love looking through home magazines like Elle Decor and Better Homes & Gardens whenever I have time. And if you’re on this post, chances are you probably do too. 🙂

Today I’ll be sharing some chic and feminine home office ideas I’ve come across on Pinterest. You can copy, reinvent or just use these ideas as inspiration for when you’re redecorating your home office. I plan to come back to this post when I finally get around to redecorating my workspace, but for now, I’m taking notes of what my dream office looks like and what I still need!

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Feminine Home Office Ideas

Wall shelves holding feminine themed decor like books, planners and and picture frames.

(Found on Society19)

Inject your personality into your workspace with photos and inspirational prints you love. The double shelves are also an awesome way to keep work binders and planners nearby.

Small desk in the corner of a room with a bulletin board and shelf above it to give more vertical space.

(Found on Samoreals)

If you’re low on space, opt for a simple, small desk like the one above. You can install shelves if you need any more room and put up a bulletin board for important papers and notes for more desk space.

Teal chair and white office desk holding a desktop computer and other small office decor.

(Found on Fabulously Dishelved)

This teal office is a nice transition from the pinks we’ve seen in the other offices. It has a nice calming feel to it and is a great option if you have a bit more space to work with.

Feminine office space with a white and gold desk, an abstract rug, and shelves on the wall.

(Found on Fancy Things)

So chic! If you want to see where you can get the office essentials in the photo above, hop on over to Kristin’s blog, Fancy Things!

Cute small office space organized with many open cabinets around the room.

(Found on Morando Sozinha)

Classy, cute and optimized for organization.

Cozy and small office space with modern gold, light blue, and white office decor.

(Found on Apartment Therapy)

Modern, cool and mature. This office space is definitely one of my favorites on the list!

Office space with a L-Shaped desk connected to a built-in cabinet for storage, and a fancy chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

(Found on Pink Little Notebook)

Can you believe this desk was DIY’d!? If you want to check out the before pictures and steps to creating this masterpiece, then stop by Sabrina’s blog Pink Little Notebook.

Office space with many images on the walls and LED string lights hung up above the images.

(Found on J Birdny)

Make your office sparkle with some indoor LED string lights!

Simple wooden desk with light fixtures decoratively wrapped around a pole at the top of the desk.

(Found on A Casa Que A Minha Vo Queria)

This is such a cool, unique desk! I love how they used hanging light fixtures over a regular lamp.

Which home office is your favorite?

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  1. Oh dear, you are absolutely right, I love going through Living spaces, Better Homes & Gardens.
    These home office ideas are all beautiful and neat. I do not work from home, although I have a little corner in the study where for my laptop, whenever I have few things to tidy up at home . Thanks for sharing

  2. Love this article, it was very inspiring, as I am looking for some home office tips. It seems every room had shelves and that really looked nice. But what if I dont have shelves? Also, these were all very streamlined, I have a ton of stuff! LOL~! Still, very inspirational, my favorite was the one with Deer Antlers, very chic!

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