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How To Make Money From Home As A Facebook Ad Manager

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Do you spend hours on Facebook and wish you could get paid for it? You actually can! One of the best ways to make money on Facebook is to become a Facebook ad manager. You’d set up, maintain, and troubleshoot client ads in order to help them gain more business leads.

Facebook ad managers are in high demand right now and can charge anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 per client per month. On that note, becoming an ad manager is highly profitable and contrary to what you might think, isn’t really that hard to learn.

Just last week I was introduced to an all-new course called: Facebook Side Hustle. It was created by Bobby from Millenial Money Man and Mike Yanda. They both have experience with Facebook ads and teach students how to create profitable ads, land high paying clients, troubleshoot ads, and tons more.

On a side note, if you’re currently a virtual assistant, this would be an amazing skill to add to your services list to bring in an extra $1-2K every month. 

What’s really awesome about this side gig is that it only takes a few hours to perform each week, and is fairly simple to learn. Bobby mentions that the course can actually be completed in a days time! But recommends going through it at your own pace to fully absorb the content.

I’m super stoked for this course and think it’s a great business idea or side gig for anyone wanting to start making money online.

That said, let’s get into some of the things a Facebook ad manager can help with and how much they typically make!

Becoming a Facebook ad manager/virtual assistant

Getting started, you’ll reach out to local or online businesses through email pitching or Facebook groups. This could also include businesses you regularly go to. Think hairdressers, dentists, doctors, accountants, personal trainers, etc. After you let them know a little bit about the potential growth their business can reach with the help of Facebook ads, you’ll ask them a few questions about their business.

Side Note: You can get access to the exact pitching template Bobby uses and other ideas on landing high paying clients when you enroll in the Facebook Side Hustle course. These resources are extremely helpful if you’re new to pitching and marketing yourself online.

You’ll ask how long they’ve been in business, if they’ve ever used ads in their business before, and other questions that will help you gauge if they’re a good fit.

If they are a good fit, it’s time to send them the invoice. After you receive payment, it’s time to set up their Facebook ad! You’ll pick out the special offer to promote; for example, a free consultation or a 20% discount on a coaching service your client offers.

Once you have your offer in place, you’ll go into the specifics of your ad. Like location targeting, copywriting, images, etc. Once the ad’s been created, it’s pretty much on autopilot. So, you’ll spend a few hours setting the system up and the rest of the time will be spent on troubleshooting the ad.

Do you want a step by step video walkthrough on how to set up and maintain ads for clients? Be sure to check out the Facebook Side Hustle course. Also, when you enroll you’ll automatically be added to a support + coaching group. How cool is that! It’s free for the first month, and $47 for every month thereafter.

Is this the right side gig for me?

This business would be a good fit for anyone who has 2-5 hours per week to put into this business. This time would be put into marketing your new biz, as well as setting up and maintaining client ads.

This would also be a great option for someone who’s detail-oriented and able to communicate by phone/email with clients. Bobby mentions that the only things you really need to get started are a Paypal account, email address, and Facebook profile. Other than those, you shouldn’t have to worry about any other costs. You don’t even need to worry about creating a website!

Massive income potential

The industry standard is $1,000 to $2,000 per client every month. So if you have 2 clients, you’d be bringing in an extra $2-4K every month. Pretty cool, huh?

Mike Yanda, the co-creator of the course is making $30K every month helping local businesses with their Facebook ads. And he recently turned down 11 leads so that he could spend more time with his family. So this business definitely has some awesome income potential.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a side gig to help pay off loans or an online business that will allow you to ditch your 9-5, becoming a Facebook ad manager is one of the most lucrative I’ve come across. So if you’re looking for a highly profitable and honest way to make money online, this is definitely one to try.

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