13 Bedroom Organization Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Space

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Need some bedroom organization ideas? You’re in the right place!

Honestly, my room is looking like a bit of a mess right now so I’ve been looking for some inspiration and hacks to make the most out of my small space. As I was going through articles, I was able to find some pretty genius organizing ideas and hope they help you declutter your room too!

Some say that you’re room is a reflection of your mind, so let’s work on organizing our bedrooms and minds this year.

Let’s get into the ideas!

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Stepladder Bed Stand (via. Martha Stewart)

Wooden stepladder nightstand holding a lamp, beverage, books, and a clock.

Want to maximize your nightstand space? This stepladder stand is a creative and helpful way to keep your necessities nearby and organized. Keep your lamp, books, phone, and drinks at arm’s length.

Wire Baskets (via. Me & My Big Ideas)

Bookshelf decorated with wire baskets filled with girly planners and other office decor.

Using wire baskets is a great way to organize your planners, stickers, notes, and books. These are great because you can find them just about anywhere and get them in many different colors and sizes.

Stone Wall Hooks (via. Lovely Indeed)

Pink and blue gem wall hooks holding accessories like necklaces and a scarf.

These wall hooks are such a great idea! It doesn’t look like they’d be hard to set up and they look extremely pretty. If you have some stray accessories, jewelry or wall art you want to organize, this would be a really fun DIY to try out.

Wooden Coat Rack (via. Almost Makes Perfect)

Wooden coat rack holding a black scarf.

If you have little to no closet space, this wooden coat rack would be a good way to get some of that space back. You can also use it to hold your hats, bags, scarves, and even jewelry. Be sure to check out the DIY tutorial on Almost Makes Perfect if you want to make your own!

Hanging Shelf (via. A Pair & A Spare)

Round hanging shelf holding small decorative items like a photograph and plant.

This hanging shelf is quick and easy to make with just 5 tools needed. To get started, you’ll need a dim sum steamer basket, plywood, scissors and some wire to tie it all together. For the full DIY tutorial, be sure to check out A Pair & A Spare‘s blog post!

Box Wall Storage (via. I Spy DIY)

Wooden box shaped cabinets on the wall holding larger items like mugs, bowls and succulents.

Doesn’t this look cool? These floating wooden boxes are definitely going on my to-do list. I love how they give you a lot more space to work with and look great design-wise too.

Floating Corner Shelves (via. 4 Men 1 Lady)

Wooden shelves placed in the corner of a wall to add more storage space.

If you have an open corner in your room, definitely consider adding shelving for more space. You can use this space to hold books, accessories, plants, hair care supplies, or any of the smaller items in your room.

Wall Magazine Holder (via. Brit + Co)

Plastic magazine holder placed on the wall to organize miscellaneous papers and magazines.

This is such a great idea! Keep your magazines organized and in one place to help declutter the room. You can put client binders in there too if you’re a freelancer!

Mirror Storage (via. A Beautiful Mess)

Full-body mirror cabinet placed on the wall that doubles as a place to store jewelry and small accessories.

Functional and gorgeous! Laura did such a great job simplifying the steps you need to follow to create this mirror storage in her blog post. It looks like it’ll take some time to put together, but it will give you some much-needed space and double for a mirror. Win/win!

Crown Molding Shoe Holder (via. Martha Stewart)

Crown molding on the wall used as a way to store high-heels.

If you have lots of heels and not enough closet space, this is the DIY for you! Be sure to check out this post for more tips to follow when starting this project.

Wall Desk (via. Apartment Therapy)

Simple wooden wall desk that can be lowered to save space when not in use.

I was just thinking about setting up a wall desk in my room the other day. This is a great idea for students or anyone working from home who wants to save some space.

Under Bed Storage (Via. Brit + Co)

A bed lifted up showing containers of clothing and unused pillows placed underneath the mattress.

Anyone else guilty of throwing random junk you can’t find a place for under your bed? This under bed storage from Ikea is a really good alternative. It keeps your things out of sight and from building up unwanted dust.

Hanging Nightstand (via. Country Living)

Hanging nightstand holding a journal, plant and water cup.

Save floor space by putting up your own hanging table. It looks cool and is a nice addition for added space.

From installing floating shelves to using a wall desk, there are lots of different ways you can start saving more space in your bedroom. Are you planning on trying one of these ideas out? I’d love to know which one you’re eyeing in the comments!

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