4 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Pinterest Profile

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In this post, we’re going to cover 4 easy and simple ways you can optimize and improve your Pinterest profile. From adding relevant keywords to your profile name to making sure your description covers all the main bases.

Your profile is the first impression your readers or potential client have of you and should be a compilation of who you are and what you do best!

Let’s jump in!

1. Your Pinterest username

The goal here is to stay consistent with what your username is on other platforms. If by the off chance your blog or business name isn’t available, try adding ‘co’ or ‘blog’ to the end of your name.

2. Your Pinterest Name

I can’t emphasize this enough- keywords! Descriptors that describe what you do is key here (no pun intended). For example, you could have your name and then following could be ‘Blogger + Mompreneur’ to show off your specialty to your audience. Or another option you could be to use your name and then @ your blog name.

Example 1: Amy Knotts | Blogging Consultant

Example 2: Rachel Kay @ Bloggers For Life

3. Your Profile Image

There’re lots of different ways you can optimize your profile photo, but let’s cover a few of the basics. Good lighting, check. High photo quality, check. Solid color or non-distracting background, check! Bonus points if you have props or have branded photos available to use.

4. Your Pinterest Description

Last but definitely not least, we have your description. The perfect place for your elevator pitch and letting your audience know what they can learn or get from following you. You have 200 words available to you here but try not to go overboard, the simpler the better! Lastly, if you have an email freebie, this is the place to put it! You can easily shorten your freebie’s link using a tool like Bit.ly.

And there we have it! 4 easy ways you can optimize your Pinterest profile and make it more visible to your ideal audience and clients.

Action Steps

  1. Match your Pinterest username to how you have it branded on other platforms.
  2. Add keywords relative to what you do to your Pinterest name. (EX: Blogger, Consultant, Freelance Writer, etc)
  3. For your profile image, use a picture of yourself that represents your brand, is high quality and has phenomenal lighting. Outdoor lighting works wonders if you don’t have studio lights laying around!
  4. Be sure to add keywords into your Pinterest description as well, but aim to make it short, sweet and to the point. Share what you do, and how your audience can benefit for that. Then top it off with a call to action and a link to your freebie or email opt-in.

Pinterest can be hard to tackle at first, but the benefits are no doubt worth it. So high five for putting the time and effort into improving your account!

Want to go a step further? McKinzie from Moms Make Cents has an excellent free course on setting up your Pinterest account for success. In her course, you’ll learn how to design viral pins, schedule your pins, optimize pin descriptions and lots more!

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